Resources for Tutors and Teachers

Help for Tutors

Reflection and Symmetry

Print these images for children to complete the mirror image using a pencil and ruler. They can be coloured in after and are a great way to keep a class quiet and busy for an hour. If a picture is found to be too difficult, carefully fold it along the mirror line and hold it to a window. Now trace the mirror image of the other side.

Graph Paper

Tutors usually only need small amounts of these papers so it is not worth buying expensive pads.

Isometric Paper

Isometric Dotty

Graph 1 mm

Graph 2 mm

Centimetre Squared

3D Paper Models

A great collection of models to print. They can keep a class busy and happy for hours.

Handwriting Practice Sheets

These 28 sheets can be printed and then laminated. They are an economical way of providing handwriting practice to a class as pupils just use each sheet once, then use a different one next lesson.